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電話:02-29103117   傳真:02-29103346 
 Room rent is including Internet fee,              學生雙人房 student double room, (attached bathroom) NT$ 500 per person per night /  NT$ 8100 per person per month ; (bathroom outside) NT$ 450 per person per night / NT$ 7100 per person per month Room rent is including Internet fee!!! 單人客房 single guest room, NT$ 990  per night  /  NT$ 16000  per month. 健身房 weight  room Room rent is including Internet fee!!!              學生單人房 student single room, (attached bathroom) NT$ 550  per night  /  NT$ 10100  per month ;      (bathroom outside) NT$ 500  per night / NT$9100 per month. 交誼聽 Loung  洗衣房 Laundry room 自修室  study room 公共廁所     Public toilet 公共浴室 Public bathroom  附衛浴 attached bathroom



英文資訊English Information
Historical Background

    The International House of Taipei is an international cultural and educational organization. The characteristics and goals are all the same as the other world-wide International Houses: to provide foreign students or scholars with a better accommodation service. The International House of Taipei was established in 1957 by the sponsors and enthusiasts who had been educated in the foreign countries and accommodated in the related international houses. They appreciated the services during their stay, as a result, they initiated this organization.
    During the past years, the House has served more than 21425 foreign students and scholars who have come from 122 different countries around the world. We believe that our best efforts towards a stronger brotherhood through international cultural exchange may lead to a peaceful world.

International House
    The former International House of Taipei, which was originally located on Hsin Yi Road, was torn down in April 1992. Now the new International House of Taipei has been reconstructed and relocated in Hsin-tien, Taipei Hsien. Wu Feng Shan, a small hill with 74 meters above the sea level, is surrounded by residential villas. Fresh air, beautiful landscape and tranquil environment are the precious assets in this area. Also, here is the wonderful place for biking, Jogging and hiking.

Modern Facilities

    The main building of International House is air-conditioned and equips with automatic fire alarm/extinguisher system. Advanced voice and phone transfer system allows our residents can have an efficient connection. There are 108 different kinds of rooms, which can provide approximately 150 students or scholars with excellent accommodation service. Besides housing,  reading room, fitness center, ping-pong room are located at our ground floor. These recreational facilities can definitely make our residents feel more comfortable while they live in our House. It is our belief that the International House of Taipei is an extraordinarily ideal place with Chinese hospitality for your stay.

Transportation Services

    The International House of Taipei offers daily transportation schedule for our residents. Destinations include: National Taiwan University, Mandarin Training Center at National Taiwan Normal University, National Chengchi University, Taipei Language Institute, Chinese Culture University, Tamkang Uinversity and  Mandarin Daily News.
国際学舎の主なサービスについて 台北国際学舎は国際的非営利目的の社団法人施設です。1957年に創設 された本学舎は(以前は大安森林公園の近くにありました。)文化及び言語の 交流をもとに各国の人達が友情を育む主旨のもと、国内外の学生に住居を提供 しています。本学舎は創設以来21425人の住民を受け入れてきました。 (全世界122カ国及び地区の留学生、学者、13154人 国内の学生住民8271人) 設備及び交通 本学舎はゲストルーム及び各男女学生ルームが108室あり、学生ルームは1日 450元から、月々の家賃は 7100 元から、ゲストルームは1日990元から 月々の家賃は16000元からです(室内に冷蔵庫 テレビ付き) エアコン完備 熱湯供給 電話自動接続サービス テレビ コイン式洗濯機乾燥機  インターネット(有料)バスケットボールコート 卓球台 ジム 閲覧室 などの設備があります。
本学舎へのご参観をお待ちしております。ご質問の際は英文メールにてどうぞ。 本学舎はMRT七張駅および北二高新店交流道の近くにあり,寳橋路の北新國小前から大南緑9バスに乗ってすぐに着くことができます。バスは15〜20分に1本です。 本学舎は月曜日から金曜日の7:10 7:40(政大のみ)8:20 9:30に台大 政大 師大 淡江大学地区 文化大学区 中華語文研修所および国語日報行きの直通バスが出ています。
電話(Tel):886-2-29103117 (總機)    傳真(Fax):886-2-29103346
舍址: 新北市新店區新坡一街102號
Add:102,Xinpo 1st St., Xindian
New Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C.

如需訂房, 歡迎寫E-mail預訂。
If you want to reserve a room, please contact us by e-mail.

繳費資訊 :
4.你的住宿天數如超過一個月,超過的天數以日租計算。(但如超過16 天以上,一般以月租付費較便宜)。

Payment information:
1.According to I-House Rule, we requested our guest to pay their first month room rent (By NT$ cash) upon their arrival. Since we do not accept credit card, you may change money at the Airport bank.

2.One thing we must remind you, we do not give a refund on any rent you paid, if you move out prematurely. (Before your rent expired)
3.Once you pay the rental fee by daily, only three days (start from your arrival) is allowed to change the rental fee to be monthly rent. (You have to pay the difference for the monthly rent, but after 3 days you could not pay the difference for the monthly rent).
4.If your stay is over one month, the rental fee shall be rated by daily. (It will be cheaper by monthly rent if it is over 16 days).



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